Meek/Meeks Family Y-DNA Project


UPDATE PAGE. Periodic updates will be posted as project activity dictates. Mass E-mails to members will be discontinued or limited.


2016 Summary:

The Meek/Meeks DNA Project is 12 years old. Total number of members 254

After two years of increased growth 2016 tuned out to be biggest year since 2010 with 29 new member. The five year annual average new membership is 21.2. Still disappointing, although improved, is the number of new Y-DNA orders devoted to the Meek(s) surname. Autosomal testing (Family Finder) continues to be popular. Caution is advised. The autosomal test is much more complicated than testing companies let on.

2015 2016
Y-DNA 15 17 (+2)
Meek 7 13 (+6)
mtDNA 7 7 (-0)
FF 10 20 (+10)
Males 15 18 (+3)
Females16 14 (-2)


The vast majority of men in the Meek Project fall into the Y-DNA “R” haplogroup (R-M343). A majority of men of European descent fall in the “R” haplogroup. A haplogroup is defined by a SNP marker but usually can be partially predicted from the standard 37 marker STR test. FTDNA predicts most members of the Meek project as likely to be positive for R-M269. M269 is downstream of M343. In fact most member of the Meek Project are even further downstream at P310. Some members of the project have been SNP tested. Following is the path for the major groups A through H. When one person in a group has been tested the results are valid for all members of that group.

Group A: R-P311>U106>Z381>Z301>S1688>U198>S15627>Y14069>Y14201>?
Group B: R-P311>S1194>CTS4528>S14328>A8469>ZS5789>BY13029>S10242>?
Group C: R-P311>P312>L21>Need additional testing
Group E: R-P311>P312>Need additional testing
Group F: R-P311>P312>R-L21>L513>L193>Z17817>BY615>FGC36506
Group G: R-P311>P312>L21>DF13>MC14>BY246>Predicted-Need testing
Group H: Need testing


2015 Summary:

The Meek/Meeks DNA Project is 11 years old.

There are 22 new members who joined in 2015.
The five year average for new members is 17.8.
14 new members order a Y-DNA test with only 9 of them for the Meek(s) surname.
10 females three of which ordered Y-DNA for a male surrogate. One of those had the Meek(s) surname.
7 members ordered the mtDNA test (3 mtDNA only).
6 members ordered the Family Finder test (3 FF and mtDNA only).
2 members were autosomal transfers only.

Despite the trend we have continued to learn about the Meek family in America.

Five new members with Meek Y-DNA matched Group B, One matched Group F, two did not match any group.

One new member is a descendant of Edward Meeks born 10 May 1680 who married Maria Kortwright. They lived in New York City. His Y-DNA matches Group B1 and is possible a separate branch of the Group B family.

Two descendants of John Roberts born 1773 in Maryland matches Group B1. He was a lifelong associate of Jeremiah Meek and Jacob Meek who came from Blount Co., TN to Carroll Co., AR. This is the earliest documented date for a B1 ancestor in Maryland.

The accomplishments for 2015 are concentrated around Group B because descendants of that Group are the ones that ordered tests. Hopefully next year more people named Meek and Meeks will get involved.


2014 Summary:

The Meek/Meeks DNA Project is 10 years old.

2014 slowed a significant decrease in Y-DNA orders relating to the Meek(s) surname. The numbers are consistent with previous years but consisted most of people purchasing the Family Finder test or people with other surnames and with a distant connection to the Meek surname. While we are happy to have anyone with an interest in the Meek or Meeks surname these orders do not advance our understanding of those surnames.

While different people order DNA tests for different reasons in most cases one is going to learn more if they have a genealogy and share their information with other people. DNA is one piece of data in your basket of genealogical facts. The administrators of the project can help you understand how DNA and genealogy work together.


2013 Summary and Statistics:

The Meek/Meeks DNA Project is 9 years old and will be 10 years old next November. There are now 182 members in the project. There were 17 new members with 12 new Y-DNA tests. The five year average for new members is 18.4, down 1.4. There are 156 tests with 37 markers or above. There are 70 tests with 67 markers or above with 12 111 marker tests.

There is an 86% match rate with the Meek/Meeks surname for members with Y-DNA tests. That is very good for a surname project of this size and it is no accident. There was a very aggressive recruitment effort by administrators and members in the early years. Significant information can only be achieved by comparing tests results with two or more related people. Any new member with a Y-DNA test will now get immediate results by learning which of the major Meek(s) families (that have been tested) he is not related to. But if none of his distant cousins have been tested he will not get a match. The greater the membership of the project is the greater the information revealed.

There is growing interest in autosomal testing with 7 new orders for the Family Finder test. There are a total of 27 Family finder tests.

There were 2 new mtDNA tests with a total of 23. It appears that interest in this test has waned.

Let's look forward to a rewarding 2014


As usual updates have been infrequent but the project continues to grow.

The project is approaching the completion of its ninth year of operation. The original and continued focus is on genealogy through Y-DNA testing. However, there has been a growing interest in mtDNA and autosomal DNA (Family Finder). These newer resources are important but more difficult to report on in terms of applicability for fellow members. The significance of “matches” and “non-matches” is not easily understood and requires more extensive research.

Y-DNA relates directly to surnames and is more group orientated. Individual results are easily reported and can have meaning for many members. Even non-matches provide immediate and clear information on known ancestors the member is NOT related to. The more people tested from different branches of each family the more valuable the information is or will be.

The project needs more participation from members, especially in the area of recruiting new members. If anyone would like an update of their individual or group status please E-mail.


2012 Summary and Statistics:
17 new members in 2012
3 mtDNA test
7 Family Finder tests
5 members (30%) did not order a Y-DNA test (+1 12 marker test)
4 not named Meek(s)
8 Y-DNA upgrades

Total members=165
145 Y-DNA tests
140 Y37
67 Y67
10 Y111

37 female members
20 mtDNA tests
18 Family Finder tests

There is a pronounced shift in interest away from Y-DNA and towards autosomal DNA. Correspondingly away from the Meek(s) surname. The good news is membership is steady at just under 20 new members a year and current members are ordering upgrades.

I will be updating the discussion pages in the coming weeks and months.


2011 Summary: It has been a slow year at the Meek/Meeks project. I don’t think the low numbers are entirely the result of a bad economy. We are starting our eighth year as a project with 148 members. I never dreamed the project would get this large. There were 13 new members that include one mtDNA and two Family Finder tests. Four new members have non-Meek surnames that match one of the groups in the project. There is one match with groups A, E, F and G and three with Group B. The new member in Group E lives in Scotland and his family comes from Antrim, Ireland. The new Group F member descends from Athe Meeks and provides new information that helps refine the analysis of that group.


Recent Group E matches: The recent 25 marker matches for Group E members is with Alastair Meek of Scotland. His genealogy goes back to James Meek born before 1824 in Antrim, Ireland. This of course is believed to be where Group E in the United States came from. Alastair's 37 marker results should be back in a week or so.


Recent Group B matches: Several project members recent received match notices from FTDNA. The person involved is a descendant of Jonathan Ady Meek b: 1861. For reasons I do not understand the person involved does not want to join the Meek project. However, his results are a perfect match with the Group B ancestral/modal values. The genealogical history does not reveal which early Group B ancestor he descends from.


FTDNA year-end sale: has started. Orders must be placed and paid for by midnight December 31st.
New tests
The Y-DNA 37 test is $30.00 off for a price of $119.00.
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It has been a slow year: I know that I have been negligent in providing updates but the project is alive and well. Summer activities have distracted me. But cold weather has set in and I will be spending more time on the computer.


FTDNA summer promotion for NEW customers: This is a good opportunity to join The Meek/Meeks Project. For most people the recommended test is the Y-DNA37 test with the Y-DNA67 being better. This will look at the direct male line of a male participant (father's father's father etc). Please contact if there any questions.

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  • In addition, existing Family Tree DNA customers may order the Family Finder add-on for $199.

    The promotion will start Friday the 15th at 6PM CST and will end Thursday, July 21, 11:59PM CST. Kits need to be paid for by the end of the promotion.
    To order a test use this link:


    New Results Chart: The previous HTML web page where the project results were displayed has been removed and replaced. From the main menu click on Y-DNA Results and a small menu will provide options to display and print results by Group. The files are in PDF format and the user must have Adobe Acrobat reader installed on their computer. This is a free product from Adobe Systems. If anyone needs the report in a different format contact Chris or Fred.

    The results chart is divided by Group A, Groups B & B3, Group C, Group E, Groups F, G & H and All individuals not in a group. Each chart has four or more pages. Each page displays results for a different set of markers. These sets are 1 to 37 markers, 38 to 67 markers, 68 to 111 markers and other markers.

    This change should allow members to display and print results in a more meaning way than the old charts. It also accommodates the every growing number Y-DNA markers that are available.


    New Y-DNA upgrade is now available: It was not long ago that FTDNA offered the 67 marker upgrade. It is not widely known but there have been a large number of markers available from the “Advanced Orders” menu. Many of these markers have been incorporated into the new 111 marker upgrade from the “Standard Orders” menu. The new upgrade includes 43 markers some of which are entirely new. The cost is $129.00 if you already have the 67 marker upgrade.


    A new match has been reported: between a member who descends from an ancestor from Johnson Co., KY with a new member who descends from an ancestor from Greenup Co., KY. Unfortunately the new member did not match another member who descends from an ancestor in Greenup County. This match creates a genealogical double problem. Why don’t the two Greenup County descendants match? And secondarily what is the relationship between the Meek families in Johnson and Greenup Counties? While the solution will focus on genealogical research new members who descend from families who lived in the area NE Kentucky are needed for DNA testing. Eventually we will understand the relationship between these two Meek families.


    2010 wrap up The Meek/Meeks DNA Project is entering the seventh year of operation with 135 members. 2010 was a good year in terms of new orders with 26 which is our best year in terms of new orders. There were two each for groups B, B3, C, G, Isles, unattached R, and the new Family Finder test. There were three mtDNA tests. The Big winner was Group E with four new tests. More importantly we have identified the DNA profile for two additional Group E Revolutionary era ancestors. In addition we had a match between a member in Australia and a new member from Briton.

    It is hoped that the project continues on this pace in 2011 especially in attracting members from the British Isles, Canada and Australia. We will continue to identify early American ancestors which help everyone researching the Meek and Meeks families. As we have seen DNA testing is not a onetime event. Each new piece of information advances our genealogies. Many of the new members in 2011 were brought in by current members working to advance their genealogies. Working together the DNA project will continue to grow in the future.


    Y_DNA December sale: FTDNA announced a sale through December 31st. The Y-DNA37 marker test is reduced to $119.00. The Y-DNA67 marker test is $199.00. The test must be ordered and paid for by December 31st. The link to order a test is


    Y-DNA upgrade Sale FTDNA has a one month sale on upgrades including the 27 to 67 marker upgrade for $79.00. You must order and pay for before December 1, 2010.


    New results for Group E: A descendant of Adam Meek b: 1729 who married Elizabeth matches Group E subgroup 2. We still need to see all the resuluts before commenting. Our most recent members have provided some interesting information that will benifit everyone in Group E.


    New results for Group E: A descendant of Adam Meek b: 1746 who married Martha Wallace matches Group E subgroup 2. This was the expected results. Also pending are results for another new member who descends from Adam Meek b: 1729 who married Elizabeth Miller. While it is expected that he will match Group E it is not clear which subgroup he will fall into. When all results are back we will do a summary report for Group E.


    New results: One test for Group E focuses on a family from Marshall Co., TN. Two members have a perfect 37/37 match and may be on the way to finding a connection between their two families. The other is for a new member who matches an existing unmatched member with rare Meek family in haplogroup I. These results prove the genealogy of an old English Meek family.


    Two new members in Group E: Don Meek descends from Joseph Meek b: 1744. Being from a different son than Harold confirms that the Joseph Meek DNA profile matches that of Group E sub-group 1.

    Rob Meek also matches Group E lending support to the theory that there is a third subgroup in Group E with DYS391=12 and CDYb=41. This is far from certain as we need more people being tested to establish the behavior of these two markers in Group E.


    Meek-DNA mailing list The Meek/Meeks DNA Project has a Rootsweb mailing list that operates in conjunction with the project. Its purpose is (1) To provide a vehicle for administrators to send important information to all members and (2) to provide a means of communications between members and the administrators regarding questions about DNA and how the DNA results relate to their genealogy. It is not intended for genealogical inquiries outside of the context of DNA. It is believed that this will be a low volume non intrusive list but if member do not wish to receive each posting as it is posted they can set their preference to digest mode. Of course anyone may contact the administrators directly with their questions. Important information will also be posted in the update section of the project web site.


    Project Summary for 2009: The project welcomed 19 new members for a 5 year average of 19.2 per year. There are now 109 members in the project. Our growth has remained steady at just under 20 a year. Each of the major groups received at least one new member with Group F being the big winner. There was also some increase in participation from people with a proven connection to the British Isles. Group F has been tied to a Meek family from Lanarkshire, Scotland.

    We have also completed SNP testing for the five major groups. This has less to do with genealogy than STR markers but rather looks at a time period 2000 to 5000 years in the past. This field has expanded rapidly during 2009. It may eventually help us pin point where in England or Europe our different Meek/Meeks families originated closer to the year 1000.

    Eighty percent of the members fall into one of five groups. Each of those five groups has ancestors who lived in the United States prior to the Revolutionary War. Three of the groups have members living in England, Scotland or Ireland as well as other members with genealogies leading to those countries. It is interesting that all of the non-matches cannot trace their Meek(s) line back further than 1790 or they are from the British Isles. This indicates that the Meek(s) name is more far reaching than the majority of tests indicate.

    There are only about seven known Meek ancestors from the United States born before the end of the Revolutionary War that have not been identified through DNA testing. As the project continues to grow we can hopefully identify some of these as well as clear up some non-matches. The early American ancestors, especially Guy Meek, remain a priority for the project. We will also continue to seek people with roots in the British Isles, Europe and around the world.


    Merry Christmas!
    I hope that you all are enjoying to holidays


    Group F SNP test A member of this group has previously tested positive for the R haplogroup maker L21. L21 is a sub clad of P312. A second member was recently SNP tested and found positive for the newly discovered marker L193. Group F also matches a group identified by the STR markers DYS406S1=11 and DYS617=13. The relationship between L193 and these markers is not yet known.


    Group F update-67 marker upgrade On the 38 to 67 marker panel all four members are the same except that Peter has a 10 at DYS406S1. This is probably a more recent mutation and does not impact the comparison between the two sub-groups. Peter also ordered an additional marker DYS463 which is different than the Virginia members. We need to get this marker tested for Russell and with his permission I will use donated funds to order that.

    Thus we are back to the original analysis which shows Peter and Russell representing a sub-group with a difference on the single marker CDYa. Considering that any connection between the Virginia sub-group and the Scotland sub-group probably goes back as far as 1700 to 1500 this is a close match.

    There is a new member who descends from Athe Meeks born 1750. The current results for Athe descendants are from the Sorenson Lab from unidentified people. They also are missing six important markers. SO Larry’s contribution will add to our DNA knowledge of this group.


    Sale on DNA tests at FTDNA Family Tree DNA announced it's year end sale. A new Y-DNA 37 marker test will cost $119.00 through the end of December. The regular price is $149.00. The 67 marker test is $209.00 and the mtDMA plus is 139.00. There is no price reductions for upgrades and tests muct be paid for by December 31st.


    Group F update: Group F has always been interesting because the DNA seems to discriminate between some of the sons of William Meeks born 1725. In the last several months new members and extended testing has expanded our knowledge of this group. Two new members have genealogies to families in Scotland supporting the family lore that William Meeks was from Scotland. The two new members did not descend from William Meeks and appear to have markers that distinguish them as a separate sub group. Descendants of William Meeks now have a real possibility of finding the connection to the family in Scotland. The testing of extended markers continues.


    Group B Discussion revised The Group B discussion has been revised.


    New Group B results The recent matches are from Daniel Meek a descendant of Jacob Meek born about 1760 who resided in Henry Co., TN.


    100 members The project has reached the milestone of having 100 members. When we started this was considered a significant achievement which I did not dream we would accomplish. While 100 members is not unique today it is still significant for us. More importantly we are still growing and continue to learn about people named Meek and Meeks. A big thanks to all of the member who have sought out new members. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.


    FTDNA July sale on new orders of Y-DNA37+mtDNA. The price is $119.00. The Y-DNA67 test is $238. The sale ends July 31th. This is slightly different than the June sale. If you know anyone you would like to get tested now would be good time.


    Group E upgrades We have several 67 marker upgrades for Group E that have recently come back with two pending. We will say more about this later.


    Group F SNPs results is L21+ the same as Group C. They are negative for all downstream SNPs.


    6/9/09 FTDNA June sale on new orders of Y-DNA37+mtDNA. The is $119.00. While some people might not be interested in mtDNA this is still $30.00 off the group price for the Y-37 test. The sale ends June 24th. If you know anyone you would like to get tested now would be good time. (mtDNA is the test for the maternal line but has less genealogical significance than Y-DNA.)


    Group F analysis: This group has been updated with the addition of Russell Meek from Scotland. This new match ties the Virginia family to a family in Scotland with a genealogy extending further back in time. Additional genealogy is required to identify when and where the connection occurred. Click here for updated Group F discussion.


    Group E analysis: The ancestor Robert Meek born 1732 (kit#146247) has been added to Group E, sub group 1. Unfortunately the DNA results are not conclusive regarding which sub group he should be in. However the evidence suggest sub-group 1. Additional testing on other descendants will resolve this issue. Click here for updated Group E discussion.


    Project web site recognized by ISOGG: The International Society of Genetic Genealogy has conducted a "peer review" of the Meek/Meeks project web site. A summary of their comments include ""This is a particularly well-designed and well thought out Y-DNA surname website. - EXCELLENT project and very worthy of ISOGG Peer Review Approval!!!"


    New product by FTDNA is NOT recommended: On your personal page at FTDNA you will find a new link entitled "Introducing Personalized Genealogy Report". These reports are large and very pretty. But for around $350.00 I would not recommend them. The author is a well respected genealogical researcher. However, she can only provide very general information given the mount of time she will committed to these reports. She would not have adequate information to provide any more analysis of your DNA results than is provided on this web site for free.


    Final SNP test for Group C: A member of Group C tested positive for the SNP L21. In addition he is negative for all down stream SNPs. The update of 1/20/09 has been updated.


    Project General Fund started: While we have received donations in the past there has never been a formal program to solicit, disburse and monitor donations. With the help of FTDNA a General fund has been started for the Meek/Meeks project. Read more here.


    Uploading results to Ysearch: Instructions for uploading your results to ysearch can be found in the Menu. This is highly recommended if you have not already done it. Also remember to upload any upgrades. If any member thinks they already have a ysearch ID and cannot remember let me know. I keep a record of all ysearch IDs.


    SNP test results: A haplogroup is a population group defined by a specific mutation on a SNP marker. SNP stands for single nucleotide polymorphism. Your regular DNA results are STR markers which stand for short tandem repeat. FTDNA predicts your haplogroup but it can only be determined for sure through a SNP test. SNP markers mutate more slowly than STR markers. Therefore, those people who are related within genealogical time frames will have the same SNP and be in the same haplogroup.

    Most members in the project are in the large haplogroup R1b1b2 defined by the SNP M269. However, this haplogroup has many downstream SNPs which define subclades. One or more people in the Meek/Meeks project Groups A, B, C and E have been SNP tested. This update is to report those results.

    Group B (kit#28407) is positive for M269>P310
    Group A (kit# 6576) is positive for M269>P310>U106>U198
    Group C (kit#33333) is positive for M269>P310>P312>L21 (updated)
    Group E (kit#28000) is positive for M269>P310>P312
    Group F (kit#120031) is positive for M269>P310>P312>L21 (updated)

    U106 and P312 are the two major branches of the R1b1b2 haplogroup. Other groups and individuals in the project have not been SNP tested.
    See my unofficial Haplogroup Tree or a more official and larger version at ISOGG


    Group B results: New member Bryan matches Group B and appears to belong in the Tennessee subgroup. His genealogy does not yet connect to other members and his DNA signature is slightly different. While this is frustrating it is important information as we continue to build a picture of the Group B structure. Everyone is encouraged to solicit new members particularly in their own extended branch of family. Every new member brings some information with them even if it is only a non-match or difficult to understand results. Merry Christmas!


    Update for 2008: The Meek/Meeks DNA Project celebrates its 4th anniversary on November 9th. There are now 91 members in the project with the addition of 22 new members in 2008 thus far. Every major group in the project gained new members. We also received three new members from and there are an additional two people there that we are trying to contact. It has been our best year since starting in terms of numbers.

    We have also expanded our knowledge of Revolutionary era ancestors with the addition of John Alexander Meek born 1686 to Group E. In addition we have several members with less well known early ancestors that have not yet obtained a match. Also we have one new member from Scotland expanding our overseas membership and one member who can trace his family back to England. Finally, we had three new members with different surnames, two of which matched Group B, and three ladies who ordered mtDNA tests.

    As indicated in an earlier E-mail the project web site has moved to The service should be better than what we experienced on AOL. If anyone sees any problems be sure and let us know. A new mailing list for the project has been started on Rootsweb. It is hoped that we can increase communication from project administrators to members and also facilitate discussion between members. It is believed that this would be a low volume list and thus not intrusive on your E-mail. Of course one can always op for a periodic digest or op out at any time. To subscribe to MEEK-DNA please go to this link. OR we can subscribe you ourselves if you respond to this update and let us know that is what you want. We encourage everyone in the project to join this mailing list to stay abreast of project activities.

    We also started a new update section on the web site. Future updates will be posted there and on the mailing list.

    As always we need more members to continue our progress. Current members need to be alert to prospects as you go about your genealogical research. We receive very little mail from members about the project after their results are returned. That is fine but please do ask questions when you have them as we are always happy to talk about DNA and genealogy.


    Hyperlinks: A reminder about the links on this site. Hyperlinks are underlined but not always apparent. If you hover over an ancestors name, kit number or participant's name you will see if there is a hyperlink.
                       E-mail addresses
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    Page---------->Discussion----------------------------->the Internet


    The ancestor John Alexander Meek born 1686 Ireland has been added to the chart in Update 2/8/2008 under Group E, sub-group 2. His sons migrated to Laurens Co., SC.


    Update for 2007: Below is a list of identifiable Revolutionary or Pre-Revolutionary Meek/Meeks ancestors represented in the DNA project. In each case a project member has a paper trail to the ancestor. Ancestors born after 1800 are not listed here but are available on the web site. Ancestors are grouped together according to their DNA profile. The men within each group share a common ancestor. They are related. Conversely, the different groups are not related. Except for Group A there is no paper trail to connect the ancestors within each group.

    Even though DNA cannot tell us how people are related the advantages of DNA testing are numerous. Many people have believed or currently believe that the ancestors in Group A and some of the ancestors in Group B were related and descended from the same person. The DNA project has proven that this is not true.

    The connection between ancestors from Tennessee/Carroll Co., AR and those from Washington Co., PA had previously been unknown.

    It was previously unknown that the family from 1700 Pitt Co., NC was related to the group in Washington Co., PA or the group from Tennessee/Carroll Co., AR. While the DNA shows that the Pitt County family was related to the others the DNA profile is different enough to define them as a sub-group. The connection is probably before the year 1500.

    Group E has a proven connection to Ireland through the ancestor James Meek as well as project members currently living in Ireland. Adam Meek of Cecil Co., MD, Joseph Meek of Washington Co., VA and Moses Meek of Mecklenburg, SC all share a common ancestor. It was previously unknown that these ancestors were related to each other. This group also contains the grandfather of Joseph Lafayette Meek, the famous mountain man.

    The project currently has 73 members most of whom are connected to one of the five groups below. Even members who do not yet match anyone else know some of the ancestors they are not related to. In that regard everyone gets some information when they take a DNA test. The membership is international with five members being from Canada, England, Ireland and Australia. Since this is an on going project new information is becoming available on an on going basis.

    Group A
    Jeremiah Meeks d: 1783 Westmoreland Co., PA/Fairfield Co., OH
    Sons: Joshua, John and Jeremiah
    Basil Meek b: 1740 Resided Allegheny Co., PA/York Co., SC/Henry Co., KY
    John Meek b: @ 1754 Resided Allegheny Co., PA /Henry Co., KY
    Jacob Meek b: 1755 Resided Allegheny Co., PA /Henry Co., KY/Wayne Co., IN

    Group B Sub-Group 1
    Isaac Meek b: 1746 Resided Washington Co., PA/Ohio Co., VA/Ohio
    Samuel Meek b: 1732 Resided Washington Co., PA
    Nathaniel Meek d: 1827 Resided Washington Co., PA/Pulaski Co., KY/Jennings Co., IN
    Basil Meek b: 1763 Resided Pulaski Co., KY/Jennings Co., IN
    Elisha Meek b: @ 1765 Resided Greene Co., PA
    Samuel Meek b: 1781 Resided Washington Co., PA/Lee Co., IL

    Jacob Meek b: @ 1760 Resided Henry Co., TN/Carroll Co., AR/Texas
    Jeremiah Meek @ 1771 Resided Blount Co., TN/Carroll Co., AR/Texas

    Group B Sub-Group 3
    Thomas Meeks b: 1768 Resided Monongalia Co., WV
    John Meeks b: @1700 Resided Pitt Co., NC/Georgia

    Group C
    Thomas Meek b: @1708 Resided Washington Co., MD/Washington Co., VA
    John Meek b: @1707 Resided Augusta Co., VA

    Group E Sub-Group 1
    Adam Meek b: @1726 Resided Cecil Co., MD/York Co., SC
    Robert Meek b: @1732 - (Updated)
    Joseph Meek b: @1744 Resided Washington Co., VA
    James Meek b: @1777 Ireland Resided Elgin Co., Ontario

    Group E Sub-Group 2
    John Alexander Meek b: @1686 Ire, resided Laurens, SC. - (Updated)
    Moses Meek b: @1755 Resided Mecklenburg Co., NC/Tennessee

    Group F
    William Meeks b: @1725 Resided Virginia/Greenville Co., SC/Georgia

    If you are a descendant of one of these ancestors you now know where to focus your attention or more importantly where not to waste your time and resources. If your ancestor does not extend this far back in time he may have been connected to one of these groups. A DNA test will determine that. Of course there are other early ancestors whose descendants have not yet joined the project. The project needs more people who are male descendants named Meek(s) to join the project whether the ancestor is listed or not. The more data we have the more refined the analysis can be.

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