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Discussion-Group E

Updated 27 Nov 2010

Group E
Irish Group

Group E is represented by a number of members from multiple ancestors most of whom have suspected or proven tie to Ireland. Eight U. S. ancestors born before 1800 are represented but none have connecting paper trails. Members of this group are in the R-P312 haplogroup confirmed by SNP test on Kit #28000. They appear to be tied together by unique values in DYS 392=14 which occurs in 9% of the R1b1 population. DYS CDY b=41 occurs in 4% of the population. In addition DYS 607=14, DYS 635=25 and GATA1B07=11 may help define this group.

This group may be sub-divided by DYS391. Sub-group 1 has DYS391=11 and sub-group 2 has DYS391=12. All members with DYS391=11 also have CDYb=41 while members with DYS391=12 have different values in CDYb. The subgroups are supported by multiple descendants for Joseph Meek born 1744 in subgroup 1 and Moses Meek born 1755 in subgroup 2 as well as each subgroup having a current family from Ireland that did not migrated to America.

However, this is a weak basis for subgrouping and it is not clear that it is valid for all ancestors involved. Without multiple descendants being tested for any given ancestor there is no certainty of the family value for DYS 391. Any given individual can have a recent mutation in that marker causing him to be different from his distant relatives.


Sub-group 1 - Canada/MD/VA

Adam Meek born before 1726. He married Jane Mitchell. A likely immigrant from Ireland he resided in Cecil Co., MD.
          Son: James Meek born about 1758. He went to York Co., SC. - Kit #31342

Joseph Meek born about 1744. He resided in Washington Co., VA.
          Son: Joseph Meek born about 1771. - Kit #83703, 180990
          Son: James Meek born about 1774 was the father of Joe the mountain man. - Kit #171221
          Son: Charles Meek born about 1785. - Kit #181447

Thomas Meek born about 1745 Ireland
          Son: James Meek born about 1777. He went to Ontario, Canada - Kit #28000

Samuel Meek Resided in Wayne Co., OH. (Unknown connection to earlier ancestors.)
          Son: Reason Meek born about 1822 - Kit #42870

William Meek born about 1792. He resided in Marshall Co., TN.
          Son: James A. Meek born 1816 Marshall Co., TN. - Kit #131778

Ireland-did not immigrate to America

William Meek born about 1843 Ireland. Descendants did not migrate to America.
          Son: William Meek remained in Ireland - Kit #45520

This subgroup has a proven connection to Ulster both past and present. They are more closely related to each other than they are to subgroup 2.

Sub-group 2 - North Carolina/South Carolina

John Alexander Meek born about 1686 Ireland
          Son: John Meek born about 1745. He resided in Laurens Co., SC - Kit #112162

Adam Meek born about 1729. He married Elizabeth Miller. He lived in Cecil Co., MD and Mecklenburg, NC.
          Son: Robert Meek was born about 1754. He married Hannah Donelson. - Kit #190919
          Son: James Meek was born about 1758. He resided in Marshall Co., TN. He may be the progenitor James F. Meek born @1821 kit# 185459 below. - Kit #190919

Robert Meek born about 1732. He resided in SW PA and Ohio Co., VA.
          Son: William Meek born 1784 PA, went to Bonaparte, IA - Kit #146247

Adam Meek born about 1746. He married Martha Wallace and lived in Jefferson Co., TN.
          Son: Adam K. Meek was born about 1798. He married Elizabeth Childress. - Kit #189363

Moses Meek born about 1755
          Son: Josiah Meek born in Mecklenburg, NC - Kit #54094, Kit #63410 and Kit #63411
          Son: Moses Meek born about 1793 - Kit #85262
Charlie and Christopher descend from separate sons of Josiah Meek. Bruce may descend from the son Moses however there are issues about this connection.

James F. Meek born about 1821 Tennessee
          Son: William W. Meek born about 1844 - Kit #170299
          Son: John J. Meek born about 1846. - Kit #185459
The genealogical connection for son William is not solid but supported by location and DNA. May be descendants of James so of Adam Meek born 1729.

Ireland-did not immigrate to America

William Meek born about 1825 in County Down, Ireland.
          Son: Matthew Meek born about 1849. He died in Scotland. - Kit #96541

This subgroup has an unproven connection to Ulster for early American ancestors but also has one member from Ireland whose family never migrated to America. They are more closely related to each other than they are to subgroup 1.

Kit #67321 - Information is not available about the ancestors of this member.

Group E Summary

Group E DNA connects eight Revolutionary War era ancestors half of which have proven or suspected ties to Ireland. Also included in this group are two members from Ireland whose ancestors did not migrated to America. While there has been some speculation in the past there is no know genealogical connection between the different families. Other members have more recent ancestors with unknown connections to the earlier ancestors except as noted in the next paragraph.

Three of the more recent ancestors lived in Marshall Co., TN. William Meek born about 1792 is tentatively placed in subgroup 1. James F. Meeks born about 1821 also lived in Marshall Co., TN but is in subgroup 2. While neither has a solid paper trail to James Meek born 1758 who originally owned the land they all lived on the two descendants of James F. Meek are a close match to the descendants of Jamesí brother Robert son of Adam Meek born 1729 who married Elizabeth Miller. The DNA for the descendant of William Meek born 1792 being in subgroup 1 suggests William was not a descendant of James Meek. However, the single DNA profile may not be representative of the ancestors DNA as there is minimal genealogical evidence that William was a son of James Meek son of Adam.

Subgroup 1 ancestor Adam Meek b: <1726 appears to have been one of the first to immigrate coming to Maryland in the late 1740ís. Thomasí son James was one of the last coming to Ontario in 1818. Some of the subgroup 2 ancestors appeared in the records of North Carolina and South Carolina in the mid 1760ís coinciding with a period when free passage and land was being made available to settlers particularly in South Carolina. Group E ancestors appear to have been part of an extended Meek family at least some of whom stayed in Ireland.