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IMPORTANT - New SNPs have been found downstream of U198 (S29) - IMPORTANT
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To bring together information and people from a small group who shared a common direct-line male ancestor a few thousand years ago. By sharing data and ideas we may better understand our common shared ancestry and deep origins.


Testing of the Y-chromosome, which is passed directly, and virtually unchanged, from father to son, is important in family genealogy and the search for deeper origins.

A great many people of European ancestry will find they belong to the ubiquitous "R" haplogroup. This alone is not particularly informative. Fortunately there are easily-affordable tests for finding one’s more relevant (and more recent) haplogroup – simply a group of people who descend via the direct paternal line from a shared forefather. R-U198 is one such “family”.

Our R-U198 haplogroup is defined by the presence of a particular “SNP” marker. If you are unfamiliar with this term you can find an explanation here: explanation of STR & SNP markers

Our project deals with a sub-clade defined by the presence of a positive test result for a special marker called a “SNP”. In our case the SNP is known by a variety of names including the following:


Please note, a positive or “derived” result is required (as opposed to a negative or “ancestral” result for this marker).

All of the above names describe the same marker. Our haplogroup may also be referred to by a variety of very long names but, since these are becoming obsolete, they will not be listed here.

It is also possible, with reasonable accuracy, to predict R-U198 status from Y-STR markers as described here: Page 3 U198 Spotting though a suitable SNP test is still required for confirmation.


We may find evidence of an interesting shared ancestry within our DNA and we invite you to explore further with us.


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