R-U198 (S29) Y-DNA Project

Defining U198


It is possible, using the basic Y-STR markers tested by a number of commercial companies and other bodies, to get a good idea of whether or not a man is likely to be U198 positive. The significant marker values are as follows:

DYS390 = 23
YCAiib = 22
DYS607 = 14
DYS492 = 13
DYS635 = 25 or 26

A combination of all the above (within Haplogroup R) indicates a strong probability one is U198 positive.

All of these markers are tested in the 111 marker test available from Family Tree DNA. The first three of the above markers are included in a 37-marker test from the same company and in the Alpha-Beta Y-STR panel from YSEQ (who also offer an extensive array of standalone SNP tests). If a “Haplogroup R” man has all three in combination, including the important (and often overlooked) DSY607 = 14, there is a very good chance he will be U198 positive. A minority of men will have these three marker values (and DYS492 = 13) yet will be U198 negative. However they will almost certainly test positive for the upstream haplogroup known as R-U106, for which an independent project exists.

This is only a guide and the result can only be determined with certainty by SNP test.


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