R-U198 (S29) Y-DNA Project

The S29 Tree

Since the early days of our project (2008) we have been able to assign members to a small number of sub-groups on the basis of their Y-STR values (37 markers and better). More recently, a revolution has occurred in SNP testing which has allowed us to redefine a number of these groups as actual sub-clades of R-U198 (S29). This has confirmed the accuracy of our sub-grouping and taken us much further by allowing us to see structure that was not apparent from Y-STR markers alone.

We can now see several layers of structure beneath S29 (U198). In particular there is considerable branching just below a “downstream” SNP called S1686. This is illustrated by the tree on the following page. I will describe two of the main branches (S1687/DF93 and S15627) in detail and you can find expanded trees for these sub-clades also on the next page.

The S1687 (DF93) sub-clade contains a new group we have called “Pre-Superfamily A” and, further downstream, Superfamily A itself (a long-established group).

Pre-Superfamily A members are positive for the S9787 SNP and generally have the Y-STR variant: DYS594 = 11

Superfamily A members, in addition to the above, are positive for the SNPs S4056 and S4093 and have a much greater Y-STR motif:

DYS389 = 14/30 (or greater)
DYS448 = 18
DYS449 is greater than 29
DYS464 series contains a “16”
DYS576 is greater than 17
DYS578 = 10
DYS594 = 11
The S15627 sub-clade comprises half of all S29 (R-U198) and early indications are that it branches into a very large sub-clade which is positive for the DF89 SNP and a smaller one which comprises our “14 14” sub-group. The latter is identified by the following Y-STR motif:
DYS393 = 14
DYS464 series contains a “14” and an “18”
DYS576 is less than 18
Downstream of DF89 we find our “type g” sub-clade. This is defined by three newly-discovered SNPs which are:
19551341 C->T
22246231 A->C
8059444 G->A
and it has the following Y-STR motif:
DYS385 = 11/15
DYS437 = 14
DYS576 is less than 18
Y-GATA-A10 = 13

New extensive YDNA tests are revealing yet more structure which we will be happy to discuss with the relevant members.

We are grateful to Dr Jim Wilson and Dr Angelika Kritz of BritainsDNA for very graciously sharing their work on which the current S29 tree is based.

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