R-U198 Y-DNA Project



Anyone who has Y-STR results from Family Tree DNA and is also confirmed U198+ (by a suitable SNP test from any lab) may join our R-U198 project:

Of course anyone is free to browse this website and constructive comment or information is welcome. Anyone is welcome to visit our Facebook project page: Click here

Please note, if you belong to R-U198 our haplogroup project is the only one you need.


There is a bewildering choice of DNA tests currently available from an ever-growing list of companies. Many of these deal with autosomal DNA (chromosome pairs 1-22) and are outside our scope. However, a number of tests, though largely autosomal, also fortuitously read our U198 SNP marker. As of 2017, certain tests from 23andme, Ancestry and Living DNA (and some other companies) can provide a U198 result which we can use as proof of positive status. 23andme will actually provide a positive designation as the “paternal line” description: they call us “R-M467”.

If in any doubt, please ask one of us.


This project is non-commercial and the administrators are operating on a voluntary basis. They are not paid or remunerated by any company or individual. It is most important to realise that this is the spirit of the project and to act in like spirit.


This project was founded by, and is currently administered by, John Sloan and Chris Meek and they may be contacted on the following email addresses.

sloanydna[at]aol{dot}com or chrismeek[at]aol{dot}com


We take care to include information which is already in the public domain and free from copyright. Where information is obtained from other sources we use this only with the express permission of the person/s involved. Anyone who has any concern with their information being used on this website should contact the administrators directly. We believe in fair play and consequently would ask anyone using or quoting our work to give credit and acknowledgment to the authors. Whilst we fully respect our members’ right to do as they wish with their own YDNA data and whilst we take great care to respect the privacy of our members, we advise against joining or sharing data with any other group or organisation unless you can be confident of the same level of respect for your personal data and you also feel there is something extra to be gained from membership of such a group.

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