The Meek/Meeks Family Y-DNA Project

Uploading results to Ysearch

Ysearch is a public database for DNA results operated by Family Tree DNA. While Family Tree DNA is obligated to keep your information confidential they provide the Ysearch database for those people who voluntarily want to share their results. Ysearch is used by people who test with any DNA company and is not restricted to Family Tree DNA customers.

While your results are posted on the Meek(s) Family DNA Project that is not very accessible to other people. Posting your results on Ysearch makes them available to everyone including researchers who help us understand what the results mean. I highly recommend that you upload your results to Ysearch. Please me know your Ysearch ID.

To upload your DNA results to Ysearch do the following:

Sign on to your personal page at Family Tree DNA.

Click on the Y-DNA Matches tab. Scroll down a little and there will be a box that says “Additional possibilities for searching matches.” Click the link below that which says “Click here to upload to”

You will be taken to the Ysearch screen “Create a New User”. The marker values will already be loaded. Scroll down to the area below the markers. The last name is already entered. To the right is a field named “Variant last names”. Enter Meek or Meeks which ever is different than your name.

The next field is “Haplogroup”. Your haplogroup is estimated by FTDNA.

Enter your name under “Contact person”.

Ancestor information is optional. Under “Country of origin” enter USA unless your have proof of a different country of origin. Do not enter another country based solely on family stories.

Your E-mail is already entered. Chose a password and enter it twice. Write this down. Click “Save Information”. A new screen will appear with your Ysearch ID. Write this down.

Exit Ysearch and exit FTDNA.

Adding additional markers:

This is a similar process. Go to your FTDNA personal page and click on the Y-DNA Matches tab. Click the link below that that says “Click here to upload Additional markers to”

You will be taken to Ysearch Edit screen rather than the “Create new user” screen. Enter your user ID and password.

Your test results have already been loaded. Scroll down to the bottom and click on save. Close the Ysearch screen and then exit FTDNA.

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