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One purpose of DNA testing is to provide supporting data for genealogical research. Most members of the Meek/Meeks DNA Project participated for this reason. Therefore results are organized with a focus on the earliest known Meek ancestor. Memberís results are identified by their kit number and the ancestorís name.

Each memberís results are assigned to a group based on the similarity of DNA between members of the Meek/Meeks Project. The exception is non-matching members who are grouped together with sub-groups based on the predicted haplogroup as indicated by the testing company. No member of one group can be related to a member of another group. The actual relationship of members of any group is not determined by DNA alone.

Related members of most groups are assigned to a sub-group based on one or more factor including the DNA profile, existing genealogies, time and location of the earliest known ancestor. Such assignments can be hypothetical and may be changed as addition data is acquired.

Also, see results at our alternate web site at all results at FTDNA

Results are provided in PDF format for Groups A through H. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader to view files. The pdf file can be viewed, printed or saved to your hard drive.
If you need to view results in another format contact me at
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There are now 111 markers available in "Standard orders" plus a number of other markers available ala Carte. Most members of the project have at least 37 markers and that number is necessary in most cases. Generally speaking more markers are better. Check with the project administrator.

How to order upgrades

You must go to Family Tree DNA and sign on with your Kit number and password. From your FTDNA member page there will be a Blue button link to "Upgrades". Click on "Standard Orders".

New members-1st purchase
Y-DNA 12 markers - $99
Y-DNA 25 markers - $124
Y-DNA 37 markers - $149 (Recommended)
Y-DNA 67 markers - $248
Y-DNA 111 markers - $339
* plus $4 US or $6 Int'l. postage to the above prices ...

Upgrade 12 to 25 markers - $49
Upgrade 12 to 37 markers - $99
Upgrade 12 to 67 markers - $189

Upgrade 12 to 111 markers - $339

Upgrade 37 to 67 markers - $99

Upgrade 37 to 111 markers - $220

Upgrade 68 to 111 markers - $129

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