The Meek/Meeks Family Y-DNA Project


Project home page and Main Menu

The project home page contains information on membership requirements, project goals and major accomplishments

The left hand menu contains links to the Y-DNA Results Chart, Y-DNA Results Chart-PDF format with additional markers, mtDNA results, Pending Orders Chart, Updates, Discussion page, Project Ancestors Chart and Project Participants Chart.

The second section of the menu contains links to various web site with information about DNA testing.

The third section of the menu contains links to other DNA project as well as selected links to genealogical web sites.

Y-DNA Results

All results are on the FTDNA platform. In addition Groups A through H are on the main web site.
Column 1 is the test kit ID number
Column 2 is the name of the earliest known ancestor
Column 3 is the date of birth of the ancestor. This is sometimes estimated.
Column 4 is the place of birth of the ancestor if known.
Column 5 and above contain results as reported by the testing laboratory.
There is column for each marker tested by the project.
Across the top of the page are the marker names.

mtDNA Results

Results on the FTDNA platform.


This page contains periodic updates concerning the project status and results discussion.

Discussion Page

The Discussion Page contains the project administratorís analysis of the results. This information is organized by group of matching results and is based in part on the genealogical information available on each memberís ancestor. This information may be speculative in nature and is offered with the understanding that the project administrator has limited training in genetic genealogy.


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