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FTDNA predict a haplogroup for all men with a minimum of 12 Y-STR markers. However, this is a very general prediction at the upper levels of the haplotree. A haplogroup and its defining SNP can only be determined by a SNP test. In most cases, any member of a group of related men will have the same results as the group member tested.

Important! - Members of the Meek DNA Project should contact one of the project administrators before ordering any SNP test.

Most men who have taken a Y-DNA test descend from people who originated in Europe. More than half of all men in Europe are in the R1b haplogroup. The vast majority of men named Meek who have taken a Y-DNA test fall into a branch of R1b identified by the SNP L151 AKA P311, P11, P310 and others. Many organizations maintain haplotrees, some more authoritative than others. For Meek Project, our own trees are more up to date and reflect the current status of SNP testing. Otherwise we believe the haplotree at FTDNA is the most authoritative available to date. It requires two Big Y tests for FTDNA to add a SNP and/or branch to their haplotree.

Meek Group A - R-JFS3026

Group A tree

Group A includes men who fall into the U106 branch of P311/L151. More specifically, the U198 branch of U106. No one named Meek(s), who has tested, outside of Group A has tested positive for U106. The Meek Project in cooperation with the U198 Project worked closely with FTDNA to discover 4 SNPs and add two levels to the haplotree.

There are only three men, thus far, who are positive for BY16497 and two who are positive for JFS0217. A small group of men named Brown are related to men named Meek(s) in Group A within genealogical time frames and possible in the 1600’s. The single man named Gibson connects much further back in time. The two SNPs JFS3026 and JFS3042 are not officially on the FTDNA tree because two Big Y test are required. However, those SNPs have been named by FTDNA.

Brown kit #506918 and Meek kit #6576 have taken the BIG Y test. A member of both surname groups will need to do the Big Y test before JFS3026, for Meek, or JFS3042, for Brown, will be added to the FTDNA haplotree.

Meek Group B - R-BY25608

Group B tree

Group B is a large group with four major subgroups, including one for men named Thomas. Discovering the terminal SNP involved a process of recruiting men of other surnames who had similar 37 marker haplotypes. After the first test by Lou Meek, kit#4801, a man named Torberntsson, kit#487698, did the Big Y test. That caused the SNP BY13029 to be identified and placed on the tree. Dan Thomas, kit#492363 tested but being in Group B proper did not cause any changes. Next Mr. Wise, kit#213767, tested causing the known SNP S16939 to be place in the proper place on the tree. In addition, it caused BY56608 to be identified and placed on the tree. Finally, Mr. Smith, kit#454226, tested causing the SNP BY25610 to be placed on the tree in the proper position.

Lou Meek and Dan Thomas share a common Meek ancestor. Mr. Smith is their next closest relative with each preceding branch connecting further back in time. There are only 9 men who have tested positive for ZS5789 and three of those descend from a man named Meek.

Meek Group C - R-L21

Group C tree

Group C members have had minimal SNP testing but it is known that one member is positive for R-L21, a branch of P312, which may be largest subclade in men of European descent. It also has a large number of subclades and branches. The only reasonable way to find the correct terminal SNP would be through the purchase of a Big Y test.

Kit#33333 M173+, M269+, M343+, M207+, P25+, M269+, L11+, P310+, P311+, P312+, L21+, L61-, L7-, L8-, L9-, L159-, L226-, L10-, P107-, U106-, U152-, U198-, P66-, SRY2627-, M222-, M37-, M65-, M73-, M18-, M126-, M153-

Meek Group E - R-S27900

Group E tree

Group E has one Big Y test, in Fred Meek kit#28000. The terminal SNP has not been determined yet. It seems likely Fred’s match with a member of the Powell group will identify a new branch below S27900. The new SNP is only five levels below P312 and the connection is very old.

There are 13 unnamed SNPs which suggest additional branches can be discovered. A second Big Y test is needed. Group E has two major genetic branches and second having two sub branches. The second test should come from the opposite subgroup.

Meek Group F - R-FGC36506

Group F tree

Group F is based on one Big Y test by Peter Meek kit#159822 and could use a second test to great advantage. Group F includes two subgroups one of which is a Scottish branch. In addition, the STR marker signature for the American branch shows two subgroups that were previously unknown. The terminal SNP is 11 levels below P312 and may be close to genealogical time frames. In addition Pete’s unnamed variants indicate considerably room for finding additions SNPs and branches of the tree.

The terminal SNP is part of the most common parts of the P312 tree. Members have noticed numerous STR marker matches with men of different surnames. The Big Y test shows Pete is not very closely related to most of those matches.

Small Groups

Group G – R-M269 predicted. R-P311>P312>L21>DF13>ZZ10>MC14>BY246/248 (MacWho)

Group H - R-M269 predicted. Probably in L21 subgroup.

Group K – R-M269 predicted. Probably in L21 subgroup.

Group I1 N-a – I-M253 predicted. British Isles and Australia.

Group I1 N-b – I-M253 predicted. British Isles

Group J - J-L283 SNP tested (J-M304>M172>M102>Z1827>M241>L283)

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